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Tar project in Kainuu 1997 - 2000 (English)

Responsible For
the Project Kainuu Rural Advisory Centre (ProAgria Kainuu)

Project Manager
Esa Heikkinen
Osmonkatu 9,
FIN-87100 KAJAANI, Finland
Puh. 040 725 0478 

Kainuu Rural Advisory Centre (ProAgria Kainuu)

Chairman of Steering Committee
Tapani Karjalainen
Osmonkatu 9,
FIN-87100 KAJAANI, Finland
European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund Employment and Economic Development Centre of Kainuu
Description and Aim of The Project
Alongside agriculture, tar burning used to be the main source of livelihood in Kainuu Province for hundreds  of years and reached its peak during the second half of the 19th Century. In those days Kainuu was the most  important wood tar roducing area within Finland, possibly even in the whole of Europe. Tar was often burned  in remote areas of the wilderness forests. Tar production ensured employment for large numbers of local peasants  as well as for other members of the local population. Kainuu tar was exported all round the world to be used as  wood preservative in the building of wooden buildings and ships. The aim of the Tar Project is to bring together those individuals and interest groups within Kainuu who are  interested in participating in the revival of this rich cultural heritage and in planning the exploitation of tar and the tar burning tradition for the good of the local construction, tourism and handicraft industries.

Tasks Involved
1. Tar burning - traditions - training preserving and reviving the craft of tar burning surveying and recording  of traditions; training promoting the research project

2. Construction - products - sale of tar use of tar as a wood preservative; training; paint formulae handicraft  and small scale industry; souvenirs; product development promoting the sale of tar and of tar products
3. Tourism - local events presenting the tar culture to tourists; cooperation with businesses planning events  for tourists promoting the marketing of tourism

Interest Groups
Kainuu Museum, Kainuu Private Forestry Board, Kainuu Regional Environment Centre, Research and Development Centre of Kajaani, National Board of Antiquities, municipalities of Kainuu Region, private companies and associations

The Tar Project has ended year 2000. The tar production and activities are still continuing. Please have a contact on us!









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